The Future of Luxury - ANTALYA

Welcome to “The Future of Luxury, Antalya”.
We state that we are very happy to meet you for the second time in Antalya on April 7/11. .

Meet Spectacular Luxury Experiences
This Event Organized for Luxury Market Players;
Luxury Suppliers, Elegant Buyers, Qualified Agents..

Your feedback about our event in Istanbul on 20 October 2020, have been very positive.
We will perform the second of The Future of Luxury event better and energetic in Antalya.

The Future of Luxury is a purposeful event for the International Luxury Market. The Future of Luxury is an event for luxury market players; luxury suppliers, elegant buyers, qualified agents and brokers.

More than 250 buyers will come face-to-face with luxury suppliers for pre-scheduled meetings and conferences for 2 days in Antalya Turkey.

Our event offers very important opportunities for you with its very powerful network effect.
We recommend that you definitely take part in the Antalya event to increase your income after 2020, which is full of negative surprises.

Approximately 250 foreign luxury agencies are planned to come to Antalya.
At the Future of Luxury 2021, you can meet with all participating travel agencies.
We will be honored that you attend the gala night, where only special guests can participate.

Meet Spectacular Luxury Experiences

Our event consists of 2 sections, b2b and conference.

1st Day: b2b negotiations with all foreign companies based on limited time with
appointment system (Whole day)

2nd Day: The Future of Luxury Conference and Panels (2 hours).

Some Panel Topics at “The Future of Luxury” Conference:

• Woman in Luxury Travel
• Shaping the Future of Luxury Travel
• The Secrets of True Luxury Hotel

Who should attend?

· Luxury Hotels & Resorts
· Small Luxury Hotels
· Luxury Travel Agents, DMC
· Luxury Destinations
· Luxury Wedding & Events, MICE
· Luxury Yacht Services & Marinas
· Cruise Tours
· Cultural and Unique Attractions
· Luxury Transportation
· Luxury Airport Services
· Gastronomic Experiences
· Villas
· Spa & Wellbeing
· Shopping Centers
· Side luxury Industries

How to Participate:

Please contact us for Participation, giving a speech in conference section, or to be one of the sponsors of the event.

The Organizer shall provide 1 each of table for ten people, Conference participation as Audience and if exists, participation in social programs as maximum 2 (two) person.

Except those of the materials can be placed on the table, it is not suitable to bring promotional materials such as posters, rıll-up, etc.

As soon as the foreign guests list is formed, the list shall be provided to the Participant to allow them to communicate and correspond with the travel agencies taking place in this list.

Participants cannot bring anyone from any other Hotel / Hotel Brand or any authorized person from any other hotels under the umbrella of their own company group to the event.

The time periods of B2B negotiations are determined about 20 minutes by the Organizer. Participants will lend assistance for not to exceed this time period.